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Work to replace the access gates and fencing around the controlled area in the Port of Eivissa has begun and is expected to last for two months and cost 300,000 euros. The work has been awarded to the company ISLASFALTO and consists of replacing more than 800 m of high-security, 2.50-metre high fencing and four gates (two sliding and two revolving).

The project aims to reinforce security for both users and workers by replacing the current enclosure, which has accumulated damage and vulnerabilities over time, with tamper-proof and hard-to-climb elements.

Transport and infrastructurePort-city


During the first half of 2021 the port of Eivissa reduced the consumption of its water supply system by 50% compared with the same period in 2020, saving the equivalent of 26,000 cubic metres of water. These are the first positive results of its RIM (Smart Measurement Network) system, which displays consumption in real time and minimises the losses caused by any potential incidents in the water supply network.

Environment and CSRTechnology and innovation


The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) will allocate 97,000 euros to the disinfection of the six maritime stations of the port of Palma. As passenger traffic resumes, especially cruise ship traffic, and within the framework of the restrictions imposed by the health situation caused by the pandemic, this contract will guarantee that the maritime stations of the port of Palma are in a perfect state of cleanliness, meeting the safety and health standards of its visitors, employees, and general users of the port.

Transport and infrastructure


The five ports of general interest in the Balearics handled 6.5 million tonnes in the first half of the year, an increase of 10% over the same period in 2020. While still far from the 8.4 million of the first half of 2019 (pre-pandemic), signs of recovery of port traffic are already beginning to be noticed.

Socio-economic developmentTransport and infrastructure


The  Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) is encouraging its concessionaires to implement projects aimed at protecting the environment and combating climate change through agreements for the adoption of good environmental practices, with a 15% rebate on the business activity tax payable by the concessionaire. Three concessions in the port of Eivissa have joined the programme this year with a private investment of around €100,000 for 2021 and 2022.

Environment and CSR

La Savina

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands has agreed to issue an invitation to tender for the operation of the fuel supply facilities on the commercial quay in the port of La Savina. The annual amount of the occupation fee will be EUR 34,241, which may be increased by bidders.

Transport and infrastructure


The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB), in an ordinary meeting on 28 July 2021, agreed to authorise the technical specifications and terms and conditions that will govern the invitation to tender issued for the operation of the Fish Market on the Contramuelle-Mollet quay in the port of Palma.

The operating licence will have a duration of five years and the annual amount of the occupation fee will be EUR 24,269. The APB ascribes to the licence holder a minimum annual turnover of EUR 10 million.

Transport and infrastructureSocio-economic development


The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) has announced new requirements for mooring allocations in the ports of La Savina and Eivissa. The condition establishes two restricted navigation zones for commercial vessels, in which simultaneous manoeuvres are prohibited. The measure will come into force tomorrow (Tuesday).

The decision, taken by the APB in accordance with its jurisdiction over the port traffic (both maritime and land) at multipurpose ports in the Balearic Islands, is intended to guarantee the safety of these operations.

Transport and infrastructure

Palma / Eivissa

The IPM and IMG Group marinas to pioneer the use of the new device in Spain, Marina Ibiza and Marina Port de Mallorca, are committed to caring for and preserving the environment and constantly looking for ways to improve and raise awareness among their customers. Both companies operate concessions in the multi-purpose ports of Palma and Ibiza.

Environment and CSRTechnology and innovation


Yesterday, the Professional Association of Civil Engineers (ICCP) presented a volume dedicated to engineer Pere Garau, the man behind the Sóller Railway project and several other outstanding initiatives.



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