The APB begins seabed cleaning at the Molinar dock in the Port of Palma

The APB begins seabed cleaning at the Molinar dock in the Port of Palma

After finishing these works and the rehabilitation of the building, the installation will be awarded to Nautic Assets Developers Team


Transport and infrastructure

The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) begins cleaning work on the seabed at the Molinar dock in the Port of Palma this week. The aim is to restore the inlet to its original depth.

This maintenance measure follows the accumulation of sediments, including sand and marine vegetation upwelling from the sandbanks and surrounding grassland. Coastal dynamics are also causing more sediment to be brought in from outside the harbour.


The lack of depth and the Port of Molinar's current layout compromise the safety of boats and users, while at the same time hindering nautical activities in the area. Likewise, the correct launch of the facility authorised for use by the Balearic Sailing Federation and the new marina for small boats at the Caló de'n Rigo dock also depend on the completion of this depth recovery project.


The work is scheduled to last two months and the investment is more than €200,000. SERPROSUB (Servicios Profesionales Submarinos) has been awarded the contract to carry out the seabed cleaning.


Concession in place

At the same time as the seabed cleaning, rehabilitation work is expected to be completed on the historic building that was once owned by the Molinar Maritime Club and which is part of the nautical facility. Following the completion of both projects, Nautic Assets Developers Team S.L. will be awarded the contract to manage moorings for small boats up to 8 metres in length.


The successful bidder will invest €672,000 in new pontoons and other facilities and will manage the contract for a period of 18 years. It will also take over the building, which will be used as a bar-café-restaurant on the ground floor and for social and cultural activities on the first floor.