The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) establishes an integrated management system as the cornerstone for transparency, quality of service and sustainable development.

Within the scope of its activities and its supervisory capacity and in accordance with its functions and powers, the APB defines a management policy, the purpose of which is:

- To provide services to its clients and users with the utmost reliability, security, efficiency and effectiveness, through the optimization of the resources we manage in support of Strategic Planning;

- To direct our lines of action towards the "Green Port" concept, promoting sustainability, protecting public port land, the environment and its assets, biodiversity and ecosystems;

- To drive comprehensive digital transformation of the organisation by eliminating the use of paper for its documents.


To this end, the APB undertakes to comply with all the requirements applicable to quality management, environmental management and document management, applying the following management principles:

            To define internal management procedures based on efficiency, keeping records of them so that they can be audited, and committing to:


                        Manage documents which completely and accurately record the activities carried out and the decisions made, in accordance with current legislation for as long as necessary.

                        Maintain over time the integrity, authenticity, reliability and usability of the documents that are stored in the corporate computer systems as prescribed.


- To respond to the demands of the Balearic Islands’ society within the framework of sustainable development, by providing infrastructures and services that promote economic activity, while respecting and improving the conditions of the territory and the environment in which the ports are located.

- To include environmental considerations in the processes of planning, organisation, design and construction of infrastructures, usage, monitoring and conservation of public port land.

- To protect the marine environment and the port environment, including the prevention of pollution, and compliance with legal and other requirements in all its areas of influence.

- To make rational use of available natural resources, minimising consumption, applying energy efficiency criteria and preventing climate change.

- To promote environmental education and training among the port authority's staff and to support the professional development of its employees by fostering a sense of pride in belonging to the organisation.

- To optimise economic management by ensuring profitability and protecting the assets and resources available.

- To develop studies and research in port activities and environmental protection, and to work with others in this area.

- To maintain the spirit of providing a public service, upholding the general interest.

- To encourage innovation aimed at finding solutions that minimise the environmental impact of port activity on its surroundings and to develop new working systems that enable us to improve.

- To be transparent in all our activities in order to bring us closer to our stakeholders and to earn their trust.

- To establish channels of communication and dialogue with all our stakeholders, seeking effective and fluent communication. To maintain the best information technology systems to support the APB's business, providing them with the necessary resources to run efficiently.

- To cooperate with other organisations in drawing up regulations aimed at improving port environments and the surrounding areas in general, within the scope of our powers.

The APB Chair and Management, as the governing and management body respectively, are responsible for ensuring awareness of and compliance with this Quality, Environmental and Documentary Management Policy, in relation to the services provided within a framework of excellence, commitment to continuous improvement and customer and user satisfaction.

This Integrated Management System Policy serves as a benchmark for setting integrated management objectives which are consistent and compatible with the Port Authority's strategy and its context. These shall be subject to review on a regular basis, and shall be available to all stakeholders in various languages for internal and external consultation.