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The management of moorings and premises in the Poniente dock of the port of La Savina, which includes rearrangement of space, is put out to tender

The APB will bring excursion boats closer to the maritime station and will promote nautical charters
La Savina, 24/02/2022
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The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) agreed today in a session held in Palma to approve the specifications and clauses that will govern the public tender for the management of mooring places and premises in the inner western dock of the port of La Savina. The tender is for a one-year administrative authorisation, with the possibility of extending it for a maximum period of three years.

The tender conditions establish the management of a total surface area of 13,408 square metres, of which 9,183 square metres correspond to water and the rest to land. It also includes the management of three buildings for commercial activities, as well as a fuel supply station for pleasure boats. The annual amount of the occupancy rate for improvement will be 507,786.90 euros.

Rearrangement of the space

In the same session, it was agreed to relocate the embarkation and disembarkation of passenger from the excursion boats to the vicinity of the maritime station. Specifically in a space that is currently part of the concession granted at the time to the company Marina de Formentera SA, which ends on 27 May.

Thus, the new authorisation to be put out to tender will exclude this area of the port, but instead will include the area of water that will be free in the Pantalán dock and Ribera dock with the transfer of the excursion boats. This space is intended for the management of moorings of up to six metres in length, which in high season - and at the request of the Consell Insular de Formentera - could be used for nautical charter boats.

This rearrangement of the space is compatible with the current planning instruments of the port of La Savina and with the new Special Plan - which is currently being processed - as well as with the current layout of the recently built promenade at the port.

Prior to these agreements and in the same session, the Board of Directors of the APB denied the request for the extension of the concession for three and a half years submitted by Marina de Formentera, SA for this public port space, enabling its redevelopment and the tender for a new authorisation for the management of moorings.


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