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A lift installed by the APB and the Town Council will improve pedestrian accessibility at Costa de ses Voltes in the port of Maó

The Costa de ses Voltes is one of the main access points between the port and the town centre.
Maó, 12/05/2021
Port-citySocio-economic development

A panoramic lift financed mainly by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) will from now on bridge the 25.06 m difference in height on the Ses Voltes coast between the Claustro del Carmen and the port of Maó. The tower is equipped with a walkway that connects the upper landing with the expansion of the viewpoint square next to the Cloister and is protected from possible landslides by consolidation of the cliff.

The president of the APB, Francesc Antich, has indicated that "our intention is to bring the ports closer to the city with a view to their socio-economic integration through innovation and respect for the environment".

On the other hand, the Mayor of Maó, Héctor Pons, affirmed that the new lift will be "a direct connection between the centre of the city and the port of Maó, which will allow people to walk in both directions, reducing architectural barriers".

In this respect, the mayor added that the new installation will become "a determining element in the city, which will function as a major driving force of the entire port and the whole area around the Claustro del Carmen". The result of this work is "very positive, with a very high level of acceptance among the citizens of Maó and among the visitors who come to the town", concluded Héctor Pons.

The contract, awarded to the company Copcisa-Olives for 1,232,680.57 euros, is already in operation.

The work was carried out without restricting traffic in ses Voltes and in coordination with both the town planning services of the Maó Town Council and the catering businesses in the area, using small machines to reduce the impact, especially on pedestrian traffic.


The building has also been integrated into the landscape, given its location near the historic centre of Maó, through the colour of the concrete and the structure with the two natural tones of the maritime façade. With this intervention, the APB continues with its strategy of integrating the ports into the cities and involving citizens in the various leisure possibilities that the ports have to offer.

Access point to the port

The Costa de ses Voltes is one of the main access points between the port and the town centre. The city centre is currently accessed by means of a conventional staircase with several sections and a succession of curves in order to overcome the existing unevenness. The improved connectivity will therefore increase social integration by providing more universal accessibility without jeopardising people’s health.

The APB and Maó Town Council signed an agreement in February 2018 to proceed with the project, given the importance of access between the port and the city centre, and the need for efficient and sustainable urban mobility. The construction of this building outside the port area was therefore approved under the Port Land Accessibility Financial Fund.


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