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The APB awards Igy Gestora Marinas Spain the management of the moorings for large vessels in the Levante basin of the port of Eivissa

The maximum concession period will be eight years and five months
Palma, 08/06/2022
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The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has agreed to choose Igy Gestora Marinas Spain, S.L. for the most advantageous offer to manage moorings for large vessels in the Levante basin of the port of Eivissa.

As a novelty, this concession will allow the mooring of vessels of between 20 and 40 metres in length, in the case of resident vessels - or rather, with a minimum stay of six months a year - or temporary moorings in the low season. This measure is taken with the aim of guaranteeing a greater presence of vessels and thus boosting economic activity in the Marina area throughout the season. In high season the limitation for temporary vessels is set at more than 40 metres.

As with the previous concession, this new one includes the management of 42,152 square metres of surface area - 38,852 m2 of water and 2,745 m2 of land - and two mooring lines, one of 240 metres on the Levante quay and another of 115 metres on the east side of the Contramuelle (opposite quay), popularly known as es Martell.

The ground floor of the es Martell building will also form part of the concession, measuring some 600 square metres, which may be used for commercial premises for those activities authorised by the APB in accordance with the DEUP (Delimitation of Port Areas and Uses) (mixed use 2: commercial, nautical sports and complementary use). The roof and stairs of the building will continue to be for public use as before, similar to the quay area, where the installation of enclosures or partitions that prevent pedestrian use is prohibited.

Concession period

The maximum concession period will be eight years and five months. The initial occupancy fee was 408,019.20 euros per year, to which Igy Gestora Marinas Spain has added an improvement corresponding to 1,325,000 euros, in addition to the 4% activity fee. The APB will hand over the facilities to the concessionaire in the state in which Sovren Ibiza left them on the date of expiry of its concession, with some of the works unfinished.


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